Oct 20, 2011


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Jul 19, 2011

A Family session: The McNeil family

Little miss lovely Lilly, we started a session at one of my fav places but got swarmed by mosquito's (of coarse!) so we thought we'd try an urban session instead of a park setting. We changed our location only to find lilly was really not herself that day, the poor baby girl must have started teething. Due to the circumstances we shot the session the following week instead. I'm glad we did! I have to admit I love shooting downtown, in alley ways, in stores and on pavement! If I can find some good tags (graffiti) to use I love that as well, although in Chilliwack it isn't likely to find artistic ones.

snack time....

It's as if she knew what her mom and dad were up to....

First session shots are below here, and she just wasn't herself... a bit tired too after changing the locations. That little hand was jammed in her mouth for most of the shots. She has no toothies yet, but I'm sure they'll cut soon.

Jul 17, 2011

A Maternity Session: Melissa + Dan

Oh so cute these two were. Melissa is just glowing, and had the cutest bump I couldn't resist to rub! We so totally got attacked by mouth watering mosquito's during this session, but it was well worth it! Melissa and Dan are awaiting the baby still.... as this is one of my sessions I've been "itching" (get it...) to post! I can't wait to hear what they have!