May 16, 2011

Dustin+Emily: An Engagement Session

Champagne, Sushi and Love....

It was late on a week night and as they were both doing some grocery shopping in Safeway. (In Calgary) They walked past each other going down an isle, only to have both looked back at the same time because they recognized each other from high school. (In Chilliwack) Dustin asked if her name was Emily and she said asked him, "is your name Dustin." Dustin then asked for her number and it all started from then on. Dustin loves to share their story, which is pretty cute...HOWEVER what he apparently leaves out is that he lost Emily's number and did not call her for a month!

They arrived from Calgary a day before her cousins wedding so we could do their engagement session. And it was it has been most of spring this year! We ended up doing two sessions, both with Champagne, one of the things they love! A great couple to have been able to hang out with while we did two mini shoots, one during a sprinkle of rain at the lake and the second the following day in between the wedding. Two looks, two kinds of Champagne, a Cigar, Sushi and a lot of fun! Emily is full of unrestrained enthusiasm, and we started the first session with a giggle fit, which I LOVED of coarse! Raw,real emotion! If you've known her from Chilliwack growing up she always has been one of those girls with a friendly big smile on her face, and Dustin is her perfect match.

They'll be getting married in Vernon, at the Sparkling Hill Resort and as soon as I saw the Spa's website I knew how perfect it was for her. [and him as he partly grew up in Vernon] She's danced her whole life, and even has taught dance. So it's fitting for them both as Dustin Spent years growing up in Vernon, and she loves all things sparkly!

Although the flames aren't in the playoffs I posted the first two images with much reservation. Having them not in made my choice a lot easier.

Day two, their chic urban pic nic....

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