May 29, 2011

Turning Twelve: A Paparazzi Party

Awe sweet Jade, once a long time ago was one of my lil flower girls! [making me feel real old] Now twelve, celebrating her day with some of her BF's downtown Vancouver. We all had a blast, and I loved hearing her say as they all piled out of the Van, "Oh my Gosh that was so much fun" I was so please to make her day even more special by being her "paparazzi!" These were great girls and I must say we made a bit of a splash outside a swanky restaurant, just about met Corry Monteith (sorry girls, my bad!) and what's a little fun without a little trouble too right? We got into a little with a security guard [who was just doing his job...and doing it well] Thanks Jade for including me in your 12th birthday. Love you big time girl!

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